Commercial Generator Accessories

Your generator is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment that you use. By pairing the right accessories with your generator you can provide your job site with the optimal results you need.

Whether you are purchasing or renting a generator, here at Zoetic Equipment Group, we have a large collection of generator accessories that can be coupled with your unit to increase its productivity, safety, and convenience.

Our Generator Accessories

  • Cabling: The power cords that run from the generator to the transfer switch, power distribution box, or transformer. Our knowledgeable team can determine the correct cabling for your generator by sizing it according to the load demand and the max capacity of the generator.
  • Transfer Switches: Any stationary generator requires a transfer switch. These switches allow the transition between the primary energy source and the back-up power.
    • Manual Transfer Switch: Installed beside the main electrical panel and requires the operator to physically flip the switch to transfer to a new power source.
    • Automatic Transfer Switch: Makes the transition between the primary energy source to the backup power quick and effortless. With no gaps in power, it automatically switches back to the primary power as soon as the utility power is restored and turns off the generator.
  • Distribution Boxes or Boards: These divide an electric power feed into subsidiary circuits. Providing you with multiple power outlets for hooking up a variety of equipment. Distribution Boxes gives you multiple breakers to be able to completely power your outside event or job site.
  • Transformers / Converters: Converts between high and low voltages and provides electrical isolation between the circuits. This helps to create a more even power distribution by increasing the voltage in the lines to the level actually used by the consumer, providing a more energy efficient and cost effective application.
  • Breaker Panels: These are more commonly referred to as an electrical panel. It’s the main distribution point for electrical circuits. The steel box holds multiple circuit breakers wired to circuits that distribute power around your facility.
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks: These are a certified and safe storage for extra fuel for your generator. Having an auxiliary fuel tank keeps the unit supplied with fuel, eliminating any equipment down-time. This is especially important for long-term rental applications or remote areas.
  • Extension Cords: Flexible power extender with a plug on one side and one or more sockets on the other.
  • Cable Ramps: Ramps that go over your cable and electrical cords to protect them from damage and to conceal them and prevent a trip hazard on the job site.

Our friendly, experienced team can utilize the requirements of your generator application to recommend the appropriate accessories for your peak generator performance.

For reliable Michigan commercial generator accessories, call or contact us at Zoetic Equipment Group today.