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Michigan Generator sales & rentals

Running construction equipment, natural disaster recovery, power outages, outdoor events - all require a certain kilowattage of power and we at Zoetic Equipment Group, through our generator rental and sales programs, make it easy to find the right generator for your application. Whether you need a reliable, full time energy source or backup emergency solutions, our wide variety of transportable and stationary generators provide you with dependable power you can trust.

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Zoetic Generators

Zoetic is dedicated to providing you with the right stationary or transportable generator for each specific job. Whether you need power for your job site, event, or power emergency, our inventory of commercial generator rentals can provide you with equipment you can depend on.

Whether you purchase a new or used commercial generator from Zoetic Equipment Group, you receive the peace of mind of having equipment that is dependable. All new transportable and stationary generators offer a full manufacturers warranty that guarantees your equipment for at least one full year. Our inventory of new commercial generators includes brands that you can trust: Multiquip, Blue Star Power Systems, Generac, and more.

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Fuel Tanks

Zoetic Equipment Group offers a full line of auxiliary fuel tanks for sale. Regardless of your intended application, we have a unit that will meet your portable fueling needs. Our expert staff will help you find the right unit for your project.

Before making any auxiliary fuel tank sale, we work closely with the customer to determine their specific application, fueling requirements, and gather other relevant information about their project or situation. With this information in mind, we recommend the best units to suit their unique needs.

All new Zoetic auxiliary fuel tanks come with the manufacturer’s warranty of three years from the date of purchase.

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Commercial Generator Accessories

Your generator is one of the hardest working pieces of equipment that you use. By pairing the right accessories with your generator you can provide your job site with the optimal results you need.

Whether you are purchasing or renting a generator, here at Zoetic Equipment Group, we have a large collection of generator accessories that can be coupled with your unit to increase its productivity, safety, and convenience.

We carry cabling, transfer switches, distribution boxes or boards, transformers/ converters, breaker panels, extension cords cable ramps and more!

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Generator Trade-ins

As your business expands your energy needs change. The capabilities of your current generator may not be able to accommodate the wattage your application requires and purchasing a new generator can be expensive. At Zoetic Equipment Group, we appreciate the value of your current generator and can offer you the best trade-in payout for its value.

Generator trade-in value is based on usability, overall condition, location, market value and demand.

Through our generator trade-in program, our knowledgeable technicians can evaluate your used generator and utilize its value towards the purchase of an upgraded new or used generator.

Trade-In Your Generator and will receive either a cash payout, store credit or a discount on a new or used generator purchase.

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what our customers are saying

My wife and I recently purchased a 100 KW Cummins portable generator set from Zoetic Equipment Group. With four units now, we have never been treated better. Everyone there was very professional, helpful, ready to answer questions and took care of all of our needs.

We live in another state, so when purchasing papers were drawn up the sale was not complete until we examined the generator and approved. The generator was everything we were expecting.

We will definitely use Zoetic Equipment Group again as our business expands.

Gary and Dianna Orme


Our Partners

Your company needs a dependable generator that can provide your job site with reliable energy solutions for your production. Whether you are purchasing or renting, at Zoetic Equipment Group, we understand the importance of your generator and are proud to provide you with the best, high quality generator brands and accessories from names that you can trust.

Whether is it Blue Star Power Systems, Cummins, Generac, Grandwatt, Multiquip or Southwest Products, you can trust that our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will listen and communicate with you in order to source the best generator brand for your company's needs.

As a leading generator manufacturer and designer, Cummins’ generators are able to work effortlessly because their parts, the engine, alternator, and control systems, are all designed by the same company with dependability and reliability in mind.

At Zoetic Equipment Group, we are a leading provider of industrial equipment throughout the United States. We partner with brands that we can trust to bring our customers the most dependable energy sources for their application. Our complete line of Cummins generators and accessories are available for our customers to purchase or to rent, allowing you to utilize their heavy duty generators to energize your work space.


Generac has been a leading force in generators since 1959. Creating affordable and reliable industrial standby generators and accessories - including manual and fully automatic transfer switches.

At Zoetic Equipment Group, our experienced technicians can accommodate your job site's needs to provide the best recommendation of Generac generators and accessories for your application. As a leading provider of industrial equipment within the United States, we know how important it is to have equipment on-site that is dependable and hardworking, that is why we provide your company with generator brands that you can trust.


Since 1973, Multiquip has been supplying and manufacturing quality industrial products. They produce a full line of reliable, ultra quiet generators with models that are powered by either natural gas or diesel ranging from 2.3 to 2000kW.

At Zoetic Equipment Group, we provide our customers with the best generator brands and accessories that you can trust. Our experienced technicians can recommend your company or event the right Multiquip generator for your application.


Southwest Products generators provide customers with reliable on-site electricity. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, their rugged and compact generators provide power you can trust.

Zoetic Equipment group relies on their all-terrain generators for your company’s mobile or portable energy solutions. As a leading provider of industrial equipment throughout the United States, we provide our customers with Southwest generators and accessories that you can trust on your job sites.