Michigan Commercial Generators

portable generators When your business depends upon power, you need a company that you can trust. We are committed to providing you with reliable, dependable commercial generators.

At Zoetic Equipment Group, we are dedicated to providing companies with the right stationary or transportable generator for each specific job. Whether you need power for your job site, event, or power emergencies, our inventory of commercial generator rentals can provide you with equipment you can depend on.

Our Generator Styles:

  • Transportable Generators: When your job sites vary as much as your projects you need a commercial generator that can adapt with your business. Our diesel transportable generators can move with you, providing you a reliable and trustworthy electrical solution. Renting a commercial generator for your job site prevents disruption to your workflow and keeps your crews on schedule; giving you an energy source to power your lights, tools, equipment, or outdoor event wherever your project takes you.
  • Rental ready: Our transportable generators have lugs and camlock connectors making it easy for them to be mounted on a trailer and easily transported to your desired location. Our generators also have a sound attenuated enclosure to minimize the noise on your job site. Our experienced technicians make sure your commercial generator rental has been properly maintained and configured to comply with local regulations and requirements. By providing our generators with the proper attention and care they are ready to be hooked up to your job site - giving you the power you need conveniently and portably.
  • Stationary Generators: As a commercial business or factory, when you lose power you lose business. Having a power outage can result in loss of production or critical data, leaving your business in a lurch. Renting a commercial stationary generator provides you with the security of standby or emergency power. Our stationary generators are powered by either natural gas or diesel. When paired with our automatic transfer switch, your commercial generator will seamlessly transition from standard to back up power as soon as the power outage occurs; causing no lapse in energy and keeping your business productive.

Your job site is dependant upon the availability of a reliable power source. At Zoetic Equipment Group, our generator rental services provide your business with generator brands and accessories that you can trust to keep your business operating.

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