Southeastern, MI Emergency Services

[node:title]Power outages, natural disasters, and generator malfunctions are unpredictable and stressful. At Zoetic Equipment Group, we understand that emergencies can happen at anytime and you need a reliable team that you can trust. Our dependable team of technicians provides your business with valuable 24-hour emergency services.

Our Emergency Services:

  • 24-hour emergency phone service: 248-599-2536
  • Purchasing a new or used generator
  • Renting a generator
  • Providing service and repair

With our 24-hour emergency services our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians are available round the clock to help you when your generator malfunctions or your power goes out. With our emergency phone system, our friendly, attentive team can provide your company generator repair, rental, and sales services when you need them most.

Power outages and natural disasters can cause you loss of time, revenue, and equipment malfunction. The faster that you can receive emergency generator support, the faster your business can get back up and running. Zoetic Equipment Group can provide your company with the peace of mind that when an emergency happens there is an experienced technician available to help.
Our dependability extends beyond our regular business hours. Call 248-850-8678 or contact us today for your Southeastern, MI emergency services.