Western Global 100TT-IMDG TransTank

The 100TT-IMDG TransTank TT is a fully transportable, double-walled fuel storage container designed for bulk fuel transfer and emergency fuel supply. Built to ISO container dimensions, the TransTank allows for simplified shipping by road, rail or sea.


  • Stackable. ISO container design allows stacking up to 6 high when full-reducing your storage space required.
  • Transportable Design. The 100TT-IMDG TransTank is built to ISO container dimensions and features forklift pockets, allowing the tank to be easily shipped when full of fuel by road, rail, or sea.
  • Secure Cabinet. Lockable equipment cabinet that secures all ports and fittings, as well as captures all spills and drips.
  • Access Manway. Easy access to inner tank for routine maintenance, inspection, and cleaning.
  • Secure Hose Access. Letterbox-style ports enable continuous fueling while the cabinet is locked.
  • Double-Walled for 110% Containment. Built-in, weather-proof secondary containment eliminates the need for pans or basins.


  • Bulk Fuel Transport and Supply. The TransTank is built to ISO container dimensions for easy shipping by road, rail, or sea.
  • Complete Fueling Station. For fleet refueling or the sale of fuel, tanks can be fitted to become complete fuel dispensing and management systems.
  • Emergency Fuel Supply. The TransTank can be quickly deployed to natural disaster sites to assist displaced residents and rescue workers who heavily rely on temporary power sources.

The 100TT-IMDG TransTank is a perfect solution for transportable fuel storage. Contact us to learn more about our transportable auxiliary fuel tanks.

2,510.00 gallons
118.00 in.
96.00 in.
96.00 in.
Empty Weight
8,157.00 lbs.
Filled Weight
29,090.00 lbs.