Western Global 200TTS TransTank

The 200TTS TransTank is a reliable, high-volume container that safely secures your fuel onsite. With a built-in bund to prevent leaks or spills as well as easy hook-ups, the TransTank is engineered for excellence. Whether you need an auxiliary fuel tank for a tank farm, long-term power system, or a disaster relief scenario, this unit will get the job done.


  • Manhole Access. Access manholes for inspections and maintenance of inner tank.
  • Stackable. Empty stacks can be stacked, reducing storage space requirements.
  • 110% Bundled. Build-in, weather-proof bund.
  • Twist Locks. Corner twist locks for ease of handling and transport.
  • Hose Letterbox. 4-hose letterbox to enable equipment to be run while the tank is locked.
  • Equipment Cabinet. Lockable equipment cabinet that secures all ports and fittings as well as captures all spills and drips. secure hose access enables while cabinet is locked.
  • Connectivity. Capable of efficiently operating up to 4 diesel engines simultaneously.
  • ISO Container Dimensions. Built to ISO container dimensions to allow simplified shipping by road, rail, or sea.


  • Bulk Fuel Shortage. The 400TTS TransTank offers an efficient solution for large, on-demand fuel supply needs for generators and construction equipment. This range of fuel storage tanks is ideal for long-term projects, on sites that require large or unlimited amounts of fuel. TSS tank capacities allows you to save cost when buying fuel in bulk.
  • Complete Fueling Station. For fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel for sale, tanks can be fitted to become complete fuel management systems. Fuel stations provide one fueling point onsite – reducing risk of spills and unnecessary tanker movements. Track and control fuel levels ensuring efficient fuel safety and accountability.
  • Temporary Power Plants. The 400TTS TransTank is well-suited for the continuous operation of large generators and power projects – in the most remote and off grid locations.
  • Fuel Farms & Long Term Fuel Storage. For sites that require large amounts of fuel, the TTS exterior base outlets allow the tanks to link together to provide unlimited storage capacity. TTS tanks are ideal for long term projects, strategically designed to store fuel in bulk long for periods of time.

For dependable, secure storage of high volumes of fuel onsite, the 200TTS is an ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more about our auxiliary fuel tank options.

6,638.00 gallons
238.50 in.
96.00 in.
114.00 in.
Empty Weight
15,984.00 lbs.
Filled Weight
74,356.00 lbs.