Western Global P18-NPB TransTank

The P18-NPB TransTank is a stationary bulk fuel container that offers reliable, environmentally friendly auxiliary fuel supply. With a smaller storage footprint and easy connectivity, the TransTank is an ideal choice for fuel farms, temporary power plants, and complete fueling stations.


  • Effortless Connectivity. Tanks can be linked together for unlimited storage capacity–perfect for fuel farms and power projects.
  • Environmentally Friendly. The double-walled design eliminates the need for secondary berms or basins.
  • Designed Around Mobility. The TransTank is built to ISO container dimensions and features forklift pockets, allowing the tank to be easily shipped when empty.
  • Accessible. Access manway on the top of the tank allow for access to the inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.
  • Stackable. ISO container dimensions allows tanks to be stacked when empty to reduce storage space required.
  • Built-In Ladder. Built-in ladder allows for easy access to the top of the tank.
  • Secure. The lockable equipment cabinet secures all ports and fittings as well as captures all spills and drips.


  • Complete Refueling Station. For fleet refueling or the sale of fuel, TransTanks can be fitted to become complete fuel dispensing and management systems.
  • Fuel Farms. With their modular design, TransTanks can be linked together easily to provide unlimited storage capacity.
  • Bulk Fuel Supply. The TransTank offers an efficient solution for large, on-demand fuel supply needs for construction equipment, generators, etc.
  • Temporary Power Plants. The TransTank is well-suited for the continuous operation of large generators and international power projects.

The P18-NPB TransTank is a dependable and efficient tool for keeping your machinery running around the clock. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our auxiliary fuel tanks.

4,721.00 gallons
118.00 in.
96.00 in.
114.00 in.
Empty Weight
8,760.00 lbs.
Filled Weight
48,133.00 lbs.