Western Global P69 TransTank

The P69 TransTank is a stationary, dependable auxiliary fuel tank supply. No matter the application you have in mind, the TransTank offers the rugged, efficient design you need for reliable fueling.


  • Effortless Connectivity. Tanks can be linked together for unlimited storage capacity–perfect for fuel farms and power projects.
  • Environmentally Friendly. The double-walled design eliminates the need for secondary berms or basins.
  • Designed Around Mobility. The TransTank is built to ISO container dimensions and features forklift pockets, allowing the tank to be easily shipped when empty.
  • Accessible. Access manway on the top of the tank allow for access to the inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.
  • Stackable. ISO container dimensions allows tanks to be stacked when empty to reduce storage space required.
  • Built-In Ladder. Built-in ladder allows for easy access to the top of the tank.
  • Secure. The lockable equipment cabinet secures all ports and fittings as well as captures all spills and drips.


  • Complete Refueling Station. For fleet refueling or the sale of fuel, TransTanks can be fitted to become complete fuel dispensing and management systems.
  • Fuel Farms. With their modular design, TransTanks can be linked together easily to provide unlimited storage capacity.
  • Bulk Fuel Supply. The TransTank offers an efficient solution for large, on-demand fuel supply needs for construction equipment, generators, etc.
  • Temporary Power Plants. The TransTank is well-suited for the continuous operation of large generators and international power projects.

The P69 TransTank is an all-in-one refueling unit for keeping your machinery or generators running for longer. Contact us to learn more about the features of this expertly-designed fuel tank.

18,175.00 gallons
480.00 in.
96.00 in.
114.00 in.
Empty Weight
24,660.00 lbs.
Filled Weight
176,240.00 lbs.